Super Series Psychological Thriller

The Bestselling PHI trilogy sold over two million books and now PHI is Turkey's most popular digital series ever, with over 12 million unique viewers so far.

Can Manay is a celebrity psychologist who goes through women like Kleenex, but all that changes after a chance meeting with the beautiful young dancer Duru. Soon he’s bought the house next door, and he’s using all his professional skills to insinuate himself in Duru’s life.

Until her new neighbor moved in, Duru had a happy, tranquil life with Deniz, her talented musician boyfriend. Now, thanks to Can’s mind games, Duru starts to question their relationship.

Deniz and Duru may be easy targets for Can’s manipulations, but in Özge he’s met his match. She’s a tenacious journalist working on an expose of the famous TV psychologist, and her questions don’t have easy answers.

In the end, everyone’s lives are changed by Can’s crazed pursuit of perfect beauty. PHI is an exploration of obsession and marks a new era in Turkish drama.

English Title
Original Title
35 x 45 min
C21's International Drama Awards, Best Original Digital Drama Finalist, 2017
Original Story
Bestselling triology: Fi-Çi-Pİ written by Azra Kohen Sarızeybek
Ozan Güven, Serenay Sarıkaya, Berrak Tüzünataç, Mehmet Günsur, Büşra Develi, Osman Sonant, Tülay Günal
Producer & Year
Ay Yapım & 2017-2018
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