My Son

Series Drama

Who Would Believe a Child Could Kill?

Is it really possible for one child to murder another? This is the question at the heart of MY SON, the series takes place in the wake of a tragedy that left one boy dead and another with his life on the line. Parents, teachers, and the police all struggle to understand a nightmare event that puts modern society on trial.

Kaan is a happy-go-lucky 6-year-old from a loving family who befriends an older child from very different circumstances. Efe, 12, is a loner with a fractious home life whose parents spend more time arguing with each other than raising their son. All that changes when Kaan is killed and the question looms: Did Efe do it? For some, the answer is easy, but the truth turns out to be more complicated.

English Title
My Son
Original Title
48 x 45 min
Songül Oden
Feyyaz Duman
Nazan Kesal
Canan Ergüder
Serhat Teoman
Kubilay Aka
Nihal Yalçın
Metehan Parıltı
Producer & Year
Ay Yapım & 2022
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