My Little Girl

Series Drama

After eight years apart, a father and daughter form an unlikely family. But who's raising who?

In this powerful story of self-sacrifice and devotion, viewers will once again be moved by the performance of child star Beren Gökyıldız (MOTHER). Öykü is a very clever 8 year old girl being brought up by her aunt. Then one evening her aunt vanishes, leaving only an address for Demir, the father Öykü never knew.

Demir is a small-time con man who had no idea his ex-girlfriend was pregnant when they broke up. She left her baby to be raised by her sister, and now the sister has passed Öykü to Demir. But first Öykü must convince him she’s his daughter!

Fate lends a hand when Demir is arrested, and the judge releases him only so he can take care of his daughter. Trapped, Demir must face up to fatherhood. Along the way, he falls in love with Candan, a beautiful veterinarian who is drawn into the little family’s orbit. Together the trio must confront Öykü’s little secret, and Demir must put up an extraordinary fight to save Öykü.

On the heels of MOTHER and WOMAN, a powerful new drama from Medyapım.

English Title
My Little Girl
Original Title
92 X 45 min
Beren Gökyıldız, Buğra Gülsoy, Leyla Lidya Tuğutlu, Serhat Teoman
Producer & Year
Medyapım & 2018
Available Rights
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