Series Drama

Margarita was separated from her parents when she was very young and does not remember them but for occasional flashes. She never knew the reason for her abandonment, nor did she know the identity of her parents. She never found out that she was actually the princess heir to the throne of Krikoragán, and that Máximo and Florencia, her parents, took her and her siblings out of the country to protect them from a fierce uprising. Through the twists and turns of life, Margarita had to live through many different realities: she was raised by a friend of her parents, then adopted by a kind and wise diplomat with whom she traveled around the world, later she wandered through institutes and transitional homes, some good, others terrifying. When she learns about the great opportunity offered by Delfina Santillán, a distinguished and wealthy lifestyle influencer, Margarita will do everything in her power to get one of the scholarships that Delfina offers to ten talented young people for them to develop their artistic projects in her content factory. Margarita will manage to secure a spot and will attempt to fulfill her dreams, unaware that in that same space lie the secrets and betrayals of her origin. Delfina will host that young woman without knowing that she is the princess whose title she usurped, and the owner of the fortune with which she built her empire.

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40 x 35 Min
Isabel Macedo
Mora Bianchi
Ramiro Spangenberg
Mateo Belmonte
Lola Abraldes
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