Love Switch

Series Drama

Love Always Finds A Way

Deniz was a kind, beautiful girl from a wealthy family. Demir was an awkward loner who got picked on a lot. Deniz took him under her wing and became Demir’s first friend – and first love. But then in high school his family moved to New York, and Demir never saw his love again.

Life after high school was not kind to Deniz. Her father went bankrupt, she lost her youthful beauty, and her luck seemed to disappear, as she can’t land her first job until she’s 29. Demir, on the other hand, returns to Istanbul 15 years later fit, wealthy, and the head of a prestigious magazine.

Immediately Demir looks up his first love, but Deniz is too intimidated to face him. Instead, she gets her attractive friend Irem to stand in for her. When Irem meets Demir as Deniz, she tells him she is moving to London, seemingly closing that book forever.

The problem is that the real Deniz’ first job is as at the magazine that Demir now runs, and Deniz has to face him every day. Not only that, but Demir is a demanding boss who makes Deniz’ life a living hell. Things get even more complicated when Demir runs into Irem at the hotel where she works, and Irem develops feelings for her best friend’s first love. Irem keeps Deniz’ secret, but the deeper things get with Demir, the bigger the explosion when the secret is revealed…

English Title
Love Switch
Original Title
Seviyor Sevmiyor
86 x 45 min
Gökhan Alkan
Zeynep Çamcı
Gonca Sarıyıldız
Yiğit Kirazcı
Producer & Year
MF Yapım & 2016
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Finished Episodes
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