Dad is Everything

Series Drama

Whatever the problem, family is the solution.

Salih Çalık is a third-generation baker and a widower who raised three wonderful children all by himself. He has worked hard all his life to provide for his family and bring his kids up right. You would think Salih would be happy to see his children grow up and move away to start their own families, but that’s where his troubles begin.

Even though his kids are now adults, Salih sees there are many life lessons he has left to teach. His oldest son Egemen is a brilliant and promising young doctor, but when he ends up marrying the daughter of his hospital’s owner, Salih foresees that this spoiled rich girl will give his son nothing but grief. Then there is Ece, his workaholic daughter, who ends up marrying her boss – an arrogant man that Salih can’t stand. Finally, Salih’s youngest son Emrecan marries his childhood sweetheart Ceylan, but when he moves out, Salih’s biggest fear becomes a reality: Now that his children are no longer under the same roof, they stop functioning as a family.

From his empty nest, Salih launches a campaign to remind his children the value of family, something we all take for granted from time to time. But it’s only when he gets gravely ill that the family comes together, and Salih can finally teach his children the most important lessons of all: “Thank you,” “I am sorry,” and “I love you.”

English Title
Dad Is Everything
Original Title
Baba Candır
100+ x 45 min
Settar Tanrıöğen
Melis Tüzüngüç
Uraz Kaygılaroğlu
Berna Koraltürk
Özgün Karaman
Producer & Year
MF Yapım & 2015-2017
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Finished Episodes
Trailer 1