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The story of a blockbuster game managed by artificial intelligence has a totally different significance for Aslı and her father. The game that was built with hard work will be a world first. But they are not aware of their enemies that actually don’t want to share the enormous revenue.

The struggles of the real world will turn into a war in the game world and will make everyone experience a tough journey to the Free World. The free world’s salvation depends on Aslı who struggles for her father, her friends and her freedom. Friendship, sacrifice, courage and love are the leading actors of this journey that neither the players nor the viewers will understand where it’s leading.

English Title
Cult X
Original Title
Özgür Dünya
122 min.
Murat Serezli, Rabia Soytürk, Gürbey İleri, Hayal Köseoğlu, İdris Nebi Taşkan, Sami Aksu, Dilan Gerede, Tuna Akşen
Directed By
Şevki Es & Faruk Aksoy
Producer & Year
Medyapım & Ay Yapım 2019