Series Drama

From the ashes of love, a hero is born.

THE BRAVE is the story of Halil İbrahim Karasu, who returns to the Black Sea village of his birth. Halil was forced to flee when he was just five years old, after his father was murdered by the local crime boss Rızvan Leto. Twenty years later, Halil came home to marry his childhood sweetheart, Yasemin. But when Yasemin is murdered by Rızvan’s son, his mission takes on a whole new direction: Halil becomes a one-man army with the sole purpose of destroying Rızvan Leto.

Halil gains some unexpected allies as he works his way though Rızvan’s criminal operations, including Rızvan’s daughter Zeynep. Zeynep wants to move on from the illegitimate life, and once she learned the truth about what her family did to Halil she had no choice but to help him. Zeynep’s schoolgirl crush on Halil is soon rekindled, and before long she falls madly in love with her father’s enemy – and there is nothing more dangerous than a Black Sea woman in love.

English Title
Original Title
Hudutsuz Sevda
75+ x 45 min
Deniz Can Aktaş
Miray Daner
Burak Sergen
Esra Dermancıoğlu
Biran Damla Yılmaz
Producer & Year
Medyapım & 2023
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Format & Finished Episodes
Trailer 1